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Leaps & Bounds Student Development Centre

Located at:
Neal Street, Bayswater VIC 3153 (behind Bayswater Secondary College)
Telephone: (03) 9724 2960
Fax: (03) 9729 8945

Leaps and Bounds is a secondary Student Development Centre which provides a range of specialised short term intervention programs for students at risk of not successfully continuing their secondary education.

Leaps and Bounds provides a caring environment where students can develop behavioural management strategies, as well as social and academic skills that will help their successful re-integration into their mainstream school. Students are referred to Leaps and Bounds by their secondary school and attend Leaps and Bounds for an initial 10-week period. Their progress in regard to their Individual Learning Plan is assessed and the placement extended if needed. Although the students attend Leaps and Bounds 4-5 days per week, they remain enrolled in their home school.

The Leaps and Bounds program includes challenging recreational and wilderness activities and most importantly, constant and effective communication with the students, their caregivers and their secondary school. Whilst attending Leaps and Bounds voluntarily, each student is responsible for their own actions, and the logical consequences of these actions. Leaps and Bounds has its own uniquely structured discipline plan, set up by the staff and adapted for each student. Each student’s individual needs are responded to personally by the staff.

Applications for Leaps & Bounds close on the Friday of week 5 each term and commencement dates are determined according to available places.