[email protected] Remote Learning

To increase physical distancing across the population and slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), children in Victorian government schools have transitioned to remote and flexible learning and care at the commencement of Term 2.

This has meant that from the start of Term 2 all students who can learn from home must learn at home. 

This portal has been developed to help provide clear information around the remote learning environment, as well as provide updates and resources.

For Educational Support:

9724 2960

For Wellbeing Support:

9724 2964

Introduction to Remote Learning

COVID-19 has meant that our educational program has had to adapt in unprecedented ways for our students. Find out how we are continuing to engage with our students.

Using Microsoft Teams

[email protected] is connecting students with remote learning through Microsoft Teams. Click to view information on installing and setting up Teams, as well as information around using it.

Student, Family and Carer Support

Supporting both students and their families is important to us. From face to face contact, referrals and handouts, our staff are here to ensure that our community is supported.

Can students attend on campus?

There are limited exceptions to the Remote Learning mandate. Students who are in Out of Home Care or are defined as vulnerable by DHHS or Eastern Health are still able to access the [email protected] Campus.

Students who are unable to be supported to learn at home and those families who have to work (and are unable to find support/care), can access on site supervision and attend school but must contact the school 24 hours prior to arrange this.

Students will be provided a space to engage in their Remote Learning Plan with their Advisor but are allowed onsite for a maximum of 1.5 hours at a time.

Attendance Application

Once you have contacted the school first by phone to discuss your needs, please ensure you complete the DET Attendance Request Form linked below.

NOTE: Applications that have not been discussed with the school will NOT be approved.

Important Safety Information

All staff, students and families attending [email protected] at any point, including picking up and dropping off of items and attending for a remote lesson, are required to observe ALL social distancing requirements as directed by staff at the school and must ensure they practise hand washing and appropriate cough or sneeze etiquette.

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