COVID-19 Wellbeing Support

Everyone needs support sometimes, and with the changes happening around us at the moment, sometimes that need for support is a little more intense than normal.

We recognise that remote learning has a significant impact on families, as well as the current restrictions that COVID-19 has forced us to put in place. Due to this, we have collated a series of resources and contact details that students and families/carers can use for support during this time.

[email protected] staff are also available to provide phone and video support to students and families/carers who may be struggling with isolation and being ‘disconnected’ from the outside world, as well as supporting families who may be struggling to access food and other resources.

Call for Support:

9724 2964

Txt for Support:

0427 915 291

Family Violence Support

Fear, anxiety, or isolation can be triggers to some type of violence in the household during our social distancing. This link provides resources on how to cope and reach out for support.
(Provided by Youth Affairs Council Victoria)

[email protected] FoodBank Support

[email protected] has been able to supply limited food care packages to our families in this time. We have limited supplies of staple items including UHT milk, canned goods and breakfast supplies.
Families can apply to access a care package using the link below.

Supporting Young People

These are crazy times! And young people are caught in the middle of it! So that’s why we have made it even easier to reach out and get some extra support when you need it. [email protected] staff are available through phone and Microsoft Teams when you need them.

You can chat to staff using the Chat feature or audio/video call if you want to hear someone’s voice or see a familiar face. All staff are available between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

We know this is hard. And we are here to help make it as easy as we can for you ❤️

Just remember, no one is expecting you guys to be perfect. And as we said, this is going to be hard for everyone. No one is going to be upset or angry if you don’t manage to get the video to work, or you take a little longer to finish something because the internet isn’t the best, or your little brother keeps annoying you. Just do your best and hang in there. And remember, if you need someone to talk to, we are only a couple of clicks away!

Make sure you check out our Facebook page. Look out for our videos and check out some resources to help keep you busy and distracted at the bottom of the page.

Supporting Families

When we talk about supporting each other through tough times it can be easy to think of just the individuals. But we know that when a family is supported, they are more effectively able to support the individuals inside that family unit.

There is a lot of information floating around on the internet at the moment, but we are going to look at a simple daily routine called GEM. This stands for Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness and was developed by The Resilience Project.

GEM is a process that you can engage in through your day. Think of it as a mindset to use during the day.

In the mornings pick one of the following:

  • Take some time to check in with each other about how everyone is feeling. Find out how they slept. How are they this morning?
  • What are we most looking forward to today? This might be seeing friends on social media, or at school or maybe they are excited to get out in the garden!
  • Who in your family can you do an act of kindness for today? What will it be?

The world is a lot easier to face when you have a plan!

In the afternoons, try practising some mindfulness. Things like guided meditation, breathing exercises or yoga are great physical ways to relax. Colouring in sheets, drawing or puzzles or even some limited specific time on a TV show or YouTube channel.

And in the evenings just follow up on everything from this morning:

  • Check in with everyone again. How are they feeling after today? How did they go with the things they set out to do?
  • What made you smile today? No matter how lame!
  • How did your act of kindness go today? How did it make you feel?

Some days these ideas will be easy and some days they won’t. That’s ok. One of the most important things to remember in life, is:

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly… cos’ its better than nothing at all!

This means that in the mornings though you expected to get up, get dressed and be ready for the day, but all you managed to do was get up, eat breakfast, and lay on the couch because you felt overwhelmed, then that’s ok. It’s better than nothing!

Finally, for the adults in the families, don’t forget to take a moment for yourself. Check out Elmo’s dad below!

Other Resources
  • Wanna stay fit? Check out Chelsea on our Facebook page too see her exercise program each week! Exercises go for about 5-10 min each cycle!
  • Have you entered the competitions with Michael on his web show “Bored in the House!” on Facebook yet? Check back each week for a new video with prizes to win that are shipped to yours!!!
  • iSpy colouring in sheets! Get creative with colouring in and finding all of the shapes!
  • Ted Talks! Hear from some of the greatest minds on the planet, famous and not famous! Here’s one of a bug that craps out candy!
Helpful Apps
  • The Resilience Project – A daily well-being journal that prompts the user to identify their emotions, record moments of gratitude and practice mindfulness. ($4.49)
  • CalmHarm – Calm Harm provides tasks that help you resist or manage the urge to self harm. You can add your own tasks too and it’s completely private and password protected. ($Free)
  • The Check-in – The Check-in is for anyone who wants to check in with a friend but is concerned about saying the wrong thing or making the situation worse. ($Free)
Contact Numbers
  • Michael (Youth Worker)
    9724 2964
  • Chelsea (Leading Teacher)
    9724 2968
  • [email protected] Main Number
    9724 2960
  • Kids Help Line
    1800 55 1800
  • Beyond Blue
    1300 22 46 36
  • Headspace (Online)

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