Remote Learning Overview

Remote learning provides an opportunity for students and teachers to remain connected and engaged with the content while working from their homes. Opportunities for remote learning are typically linked to emergency situations that pose a threat to student safety such as the COVID-19 Pandemic.

[email protected] already offers individualised learning, and our Remote Learning Program is no exception. Each student is given a Remote Attendance Engagement Plan and assigned classes which are at roughly the same time frame as their face to face sessions.

Transitioning to remote learning can keep students on track so that when they return to a physical school environment, like ours at [email protected], they won’t need to “play catch up” with any outstanding work when they return.

For Educational Support:

9724 2960

For Wellbeing Support:

9724 2964

The Remote Learning Experience

The most important parts of Remote Learning are Time, Communication, Technology and Lesson Design. When we have these elements clearly defined for our young people, then we can remove the distractions from their learning. So, what does this structure look like for our students at [email protected]?


  • Each student is allocated between 1 and 2 hours of work per day. This is split between a minimum of 30 minutes face to face via video or audio with their teacher and work tasks that are assigned to them to complete. Some students may also be allocated additional time with an Education Support staff member to complete work if required.
  • Video/audio sessions are allocated as close to the original timetable for students as possible, and as frequently.


  • Students have many options to communicate with their Advisor as well as members of the Wellbeing and Careers teams. This is done through either normal phone communication or through Microsoft Teams.
  • Students will also be given hard copies of work either by collection from the family from the school, or by mail.


  • As with most forms of Remote Learning, students require access to some form of technology. This could be a computer, tablet or even a mobile phone. As long as there is a way to communicate with between staff and students then Remote Learning can take place.
  • If a student is unable to access any form of technology, please contact us so we can arrange access to a device and/or internet for your young person.
  • [email protected] has chosen to use Microsoft Teams as our platform for Remote Learning. More information on how to access Microsoft Teams can be found here.

Lesson Design

  • All [email protected] students have work set for them that is in-line with their current ability and is adjusted to suit their passion and interests.
  • Students who are Remote Learning will be provided with both digital copies as well as hard copies of all learning materials. Students can then choose to which version they feel most comfortable with.
  • For VCAL students this includes modified versions of their current VCAL outcomes in booklet form.
  • Face to Face sessions also allow for our existing programs such as EMM and Corrective Reading to be administered by the teacher as per normal.

Important Safety Information

All staff, students and families attending [email protected] at any point, including picking up and dropping off of items and attending for a remote lesson, are required to observe ALL social distancing requirements as directed by staff at the school and must ensure they practise hand washing and appropriate cough or sneeze etiquette.

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