Located at:
Cnr. Strada Crescent and Academy Avenue, Wheelers Hill VIC 3150
Telephone: (03) 9724 2980



The mission of the Capacity Building Team is to build the capacity of schools and teachers to meet the needs of 'at risk' students in eastern metropolitan DET schools and, wherever possible, to enable students to remain in their neighbourhood schools.

As of January 29, 2018, the professional charges to access the services of the Capacity Building team are:

1. $1,000 excl. GST - payable when your referral becomes active and covers up to 6 visits at your school.

These visits may comprise of:

  • Observations of the classroom environment, information gathering, reading specialist reports, clarification of your school’s policies
  • Functional Behaviour Assessments
  • Consultations with staff and providing professional coaching
  • Attendance at SSG’s or other meetings for the student

2. $250 excl. GST per visit is payable for all additional visits to your school. These may be to provide ongoing support and coaching, attend SSG’s, clarify DET guidelines, or follow-up observations.

3. $500 excl. GST per Capacity Building Team staff member who provides formal professional learning sessions to your school.

This may be on a student-free day or at a staff meeting. This cost applies for PL sessions of up to 3 hours and is reflective of the length of time spent in preparation. Whole day events will be charged at $750 excl. GST per Capacity Building staff member. The negotiated program for the day will determine the number of staff who will be required to deliver the program. You should consult with the Leading Teacher of Capacity Building in the initial planning stages. The most common practice is for two team members to attend to deliver the program.

These professional charges include all follow-up work done between meetings at your school, analysis of Functional Behaviour Assessment observations, email updates and the provision of digital professional readings.

Please note:

  • Costs are not transferrable between referrals
  • Any and all questions regarding charges and/or invoicing should be directed to the Principal or Business Manager at Croydon CS, who manage the Capacity Building team on behalf of NEVR.

Who can refer?

Anyone! We receive referrals from anyone concerned about the progress of a student in eastern metropolitan DET schools. Just call us on 9724 2980.