OPTIONS is the umbrella name for the alternative settings and a range of other educational supports which are under the management of Croydon Community School. OPTIONS works across eastern metropolitan Melbourne to increase the capacity of government schools and teachers to cater for students with complex needs.

OPTIONS supports teachers and schools to cater for students with additional needs, primarily those which present as behavioural challenges in the classroom. It is our aim to keep students enrolled and attending their local school wherever possible so that they are able to access all the opportunities available to them there. It is at their base school that they will flourish and grow best but we recognise that at times schools require additional support to cater for behaviours that are challenging.

OPTIONS provides schools with:
• Access to highly experienced and capable staff to visit your school and work with teachers and school leaders
• Intervention strategies based in the latest and highest quality research sought from around the world
• Professional development tailored to meet individual school needs
• Assistance to prepare a comprehensive range of response strategies for students who are not currently succeeding, including safety plans, and the implementation of educational assessment reports
• Assistance to return long-term disengaged students to regular education and schooling

For further information or referral to these programs please contact the Capacity Building team on (03) 9724 2980.

The Farm School in Woori Yallock provides programs and support for students with social and emotional challenges which impact on them at school. Currently it is used by a small number of local schools on a weekly basis but is also available for excursions. The site is rich in indigenous elements and many of your AusVELS components in indigenous studies can be completed at this one setting. Please contact the Farm School on (03) 9724 2990.

The [email protected] program caters specifically for students aged 12-16 years of age who have been severely disengaged from regular schooling for extended periods of time. The program is a staged response to full time engagement in education. Please contact [email protected] on (03) 9724 2960 for further details about the program or the Capacity Building team on (03) 9724 2980 for referral to the program.

For any further information please contact Croydon Community School on (03) 9724 2900.